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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  March 29, 2015 2:05am-2:36am EDT

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we're about to give this boy a [ bleep ] whooping that he d. deserves. we are. we are. >> oh and i signed up for it? >> we're with the comics bringing the heat. >> i'm not taking it easy. but you've got to hit him. >> next "insider." >> the "insider" together with -- >> yahoo!! >> hava great weekend, everyone.
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. breaking right now, an off-duty police officer has been shot and killed, inside after delaware county home. good evening everyone, i'm natasha brown. police confirm the death after darby borough officer less than an hour ago, during a emotional press conference. "eyewitness news" reporter matt rivers was at the press conference, he joins us now live in darby borough with the very latest, matt? >> emotional is correct, that
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the tasha. officials here at the darby borough police station are not releasing this officer's identity yet. because not all of his family members have been notified of this terrible news what we can tell you, is that this young man was a 26 year old officer, a four year veteran of the force. and he served his community here in darby borough as a part time officer. we also know that he was a firefighter, in nearby yeadon. now, as far as the circumstances surrounding his death, we have a little bit of video to show you from the scene where it happened earlier today, it was around 4:30 this afternoon that officer's received a shots fired call 600 block magnolia, delaware couldn't, arrived to house on that street, inside that house this police officer was inside with a single gunshot wound to his chest. he was immediately returned to mercy fitzgerald hospital where he was work on, then from there he was transferred to pen presbyterian hospital to their trauma unit, and it
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was there that he was ultimately pronounced dead, a short time later neighbors did report hearing that gunshot, and tell us they saw someone being let out that far home in handicuffs. meanwhile, as that investigation was ongoing friends, fellow officers of this victim, made their way to the hospital. "eyewitness news" cameras rolling as we saw them gather outside of the emergency room supporting each other through this difficult time. as you mentioned natasha not long ago we did hear from the chief of police for darby borough. let's hear little little bit what he had to say about this fallen officer. >> he was a shining star in the department. he was an even tempered nice guy, anybody that met him always had good word for him. my guys were very upset about them. , like we lost a member of our family needlessly not a lot more we can say until the investigation is completed.
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>> it is ongoing as you heard the chief say. no motive has yet been established, police would not say if they have someone in custody yet but said the public has nothing to fear, no suspect on the loose police chief did say they do expect to file homicide charges in this case tomorrow, but that of course will be dealt with tomorrow as far as tonight goes, this is just a department dealing with a terrible loss of one of their own. live in darby borough matt rivers cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> thank you very much. >> also, short time ago, a philadelphia police officer was officially charged with drunk driving and assault at his arraignment in southwest philadelphia. officer darryl cathy accused of pulling up to the 12th district police department, driving patrol car with three flat tires. supervisor who came out to see what was going on smelled alcohol on cathy's breath.
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the six year veteran accused of assault that supervisor as he tried to take him into custody. officer kathy is suspended for 30 days with intent to dismiss. >> time now for look at the first forecast tonight. meteorologist, justin drabick in the weather center. chilly night. is it spring? i just don't -- doesn't feel like it. >> calendar says yes feels more like february. we are dealing with windchill values in the teens even some single digits in some spots. here is the high temperature today. 41 degrees normal for early february. february 3rd, not even close to the average hi, which is 57 degrees, the actual air temperatures three at the airport, 25 allentown, 17 mount pocono, upper 20s wilmington and millville, new jersey, look at the north suburbs, 25 in quakertown, 23 doylestown, mt. holly, new jersey already down to 28 degrees. couple left over flurries, delaware, dover, some may not even be reaching the ground,
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most areas dry tonight partly cloudy skies wind gusts still up around 25, to 30 miles per hour, so that strong northwest wind, is bringing in the colder air now, this is what it feels like when you factor in the wind, 15 reading, 19 wilmington, 17 philadelphia, 11 allentown and bone chilling 1 degrees in mount pocono, what it feels like. tomorrow morning, here is your temperature. lower 20's in the suburbs mid 20's for center city. however, though, do see a lot of sunshine tomorrow. at least it will feel good if you are in the sun. still cool though, for this time of year. forty-eight for the high sunday, for philadelphia, low 40's at the shore upper 30's at best for the poconos. i'll show you the seven day forecast, when we finally warm upcoming up in a few minutes natasha? >> justin, thank you, after mate of this raging fire causing some travel headaches tonight. septa's manayunk norristown regional rail line is shutdown and could be out of commission throughout the weekend. steve patterson with more.
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>> four alarms, three and a half hours, 65,000 square feet. saturday the numbers stacked against philadelphia firefighters, as they work to take out aggressive flames. >> firefighters arriving on scene at about 2:30 saturday morning, to this fire consuming vacant metal manufacturing plant, as the battle intensifies alert jumped from two alarms to four. >> this fire was pretty difficult to reach. >> philadelphia fire commissioner derrick sawyer says there were number of issues in the way of getting this contained. chief among them, a large crumbling structure collapsing on all sides. >> that amount of fire will cause collapse at some point. >> said start from the defensive posture, both to keep constant water pressure from overhead, and to keep the team on the grounds safe. >> vacant property. >> another complication, this,
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a septa regional rail line running right in the back of the structure cutting up a crucial access point for firefighters. they really just had to focus on hammering the top of the building with constant water pressure. meanwhile, a fire marshall is investigating the cause no injuries reported. reporting from north philadelphia, i'm steve patterson, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> overnight, 900 block of hemlock road, morgantown, circumstances of the blast remain unclear, but investigators have identified the man who died, as 27 year old jake on lopez. he is survived by his fiancee osha and state police are currently investigating the accident. also now police have identified the philadelphia teenager accused of stabbing his own mother to death as 19 year old zachary pritchett. the attacked happened yesterday morning, 2800 block of reynolds street in
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bridesburg. police say pritchett also critically injured his grandmother and initially told investigators, the stabbings were the result of home invasion. he now faces host of charges including murder and aggravated assault. >> to the latest own deadly plane crash in the fell. alm, crews continuing to search looking for remains of victims, also searching for the flight data recorder. meantime also now learning new details about the co-pilot who investigators say intentionally brought down the plane. >> woman claiming to be for the err girlfriend of andre us lubitz lubitz say he would do something, and everyone will know my name. >> investigators believe lubitz intentionally crashed flight 9525. >> king himself and all 149 other people on board after locking plane's captain out of the cockpit. german prosecutors say there
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is evidence he hid a met call treatment condition and treatment, including a doctor's note keeping him from driving the plane the day of the crash. police remain outside lubitz home where residents are trying to make sense of the tragedy. >> this neighbor said he's shock, adding it will take time for people here to process what happened. >> investigators here in germany met with french counterpart saturday to discuss what they had discovered so far including evidence gathered at the family home here about 200 people from the communities nearest the deadly crash in the french alps gathered for emotional mass to honor the victims and show support for their families. >> he said it is terrible, it is horrible for the families, and there are no words i'm broken. chris van cleve, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". well, stay with "eyewitness news" as new details emerge in the crash of
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the german wing flight. we will bring you updates on television and any time on line at a decorated boston police officer meantime who was honored by the white house after the boston marathon bombings is fighting for his life at an area hospital. gang unit officer, john moynihan, is in a medically induced comb a he was shot during traffic stop last night. police say moynihan had asked the driver to step out of his vehicle when that driver opened fire. >> you can see his right arm come up, point blank, shoot officer moynihan right below the eye. >> a woman at the scene was reportedly treated for flesh wound, but is expected to be okay. three other officers taken to the hospital with stress related issues. >> merely two dozen people were hurt when a commuter train hit a car in los angeles, and partially
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de-railed. most of the injuries to those on the train were minor. but, one person in the car was critically injured. and had to be cut out of the vehicle. the crash happened near the university of southern california campus, and the cause of the crash is still under investigation. stay with us, coming up: the very latest for the search for people still missing in the wake of the building collapse in new york city. plus, camden county honors a hero. how supporters thanked this 91 year old veteran of the battle of hiro jima. justin? >> we are in the middle of a spring chill this weekend. we'll talk about how long these cold temperatures last when i show you the seven day forecast coming up. >> straight ahead in sport kentucky and notre dame play march madness thriller. so who won? we'll tell you.
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>> crews are still work to go clear this massive pile of debris from the gas explosion and building collapse in new york city. the very carefully removing every part of the three century old buildings that came crashing down in the east village on thursday. the medical examiner's offers along with the nypd's k9 unit are also assisting still have not found the two missing people. one of the survivors lost a cat in the fire. >> the air conditioner i have facing into the air shaft for our apartment got knocked out of the window into there. the windows started breaking, the smoke started really filling the room. i kept looking i stayed well.
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>> as for cause of the explosion, investigators are looking whether the plumbers made illegal gas connection go one of the buildings. well, eight horses escape from their pasture take off down route 219 somerset pennsylvania. take a look at the scene. drivers had to slow down and stay back while the animal owners rounded them up, got them back in in the pasture. no horses were injured. thankfully. no drivers either. >> now, south jersey welcomes home a world war ii hero this weekend. >> dozen every veterans and first responders rolled into westmont camden county. they celebrated the career of 91 year old john, the marine recently returned home from visit hiro jima, first time on the japanese island since he landed on it, with thousands of other marines back in 1945. >> i had high emotions, low emotions, it caused me to well up several times and you just
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couldn't help it. in fact, i still do. i'll probably be doing that for the next week or so. because so many memories therefore me although seven years, still as fetch as it happened yesterday. >> the group warriors watch riders organized today's big homecoming event. >> and it is training day for new coaches in the archdioces of philadelphia catholic youth organization. they participated in the play like a champion clinic at the archdioces pastoral center. today coaches learned how to make sports more safe, fun and developmentally enriching. approximately 3,000 kids participate in sports programs offered by the archdioces. >> and bachelor party crasher joey de julia, partied it up in philly today. there he is, wasn't st. joseph's shirt. the seattle man got invited to jeff's patch letter party by accident. he had been mistaken to friend of the groom with similar last
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name getting emails about the big party. after finding out about the mix-up, he invited him anyway. the bachelor party crasher raised thousands of dollars on line, to pay for his trip to philly and his new found friends, apparently, at the bachelor party. >> you know, he should have stayed back in seattle. temperatures cold. we want some that far mild pacific air. wish he could have brought some of that with him. that's put on hold for another couple of days. chilly outside right now. we check in with weather watchers, looking at low and mid 20's, now showing up. that's not even factoring in the wind. these are current air temperatures. jean in blue bell, he's got 26 degrees jerry sorry, 26 agrees at this hour, doug in southampton, 28, perkasie, chuck had 23, one of the colder spots yardley john coming in at 28 degrees, also 23 up in saylorsburg this hour. still hanging onto 31 clementon, new jersey, by david, marshall ton, craig has
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29 degrees. see the story here, gilbertsville, 26. you get the picture. it is cold. factor in the wind, feels even colder, like single digits and teens. now, we did get little snow this morning, down in delaware john, in newark, he has picture of his roof there see little snow in the corners of his roof. just enough to get little coating in some spots and to reminds us that, yes it can still snow this time of year, even through the month of april. we had snow, even trace of snow all the way up through may. so ya, who knows. we could still see few more flakes before we enter the summer season. let's take you outside right now. see what's happening. across center city region, not much. just few clouds. but overall dry just windy conditions. now look at the 24 hour temperature change. compared to yesterday, at this time we are 13 degrees colder, right now in philadelphia, 13 in mount pocono, ten in allentown so that just shows you the amount of colder air that continues to work its way into the region. so big change in those
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temperatures. storm scan3 shows the storm we had earlier brought couple of snow showers especially across delaware, this morning. even into the afternoon. and guess what? snowed again in boston, steadier snow. that will system exiting the region, clearing out the skies nicely, sustained winds however, though, coming in out of the northwest, 22 miles per hour, ushering in the colder air. better news tomorrow, though, those winds start to lighten up a little bit. so it will be more comfortable if you head outdoors tomorrow, in the sunshine. then notice the arrows common monday, starting to switch direction there. that's the southwest wind, start to transport in warmer air. high pressure over us tomorrow, bridges mostly sunny skies, still cool, though, for this time of year in the upper 40's but late march sun is pretty strong, so we'll feel nice in the sunshine. here we go monday, up ear's for highs cold front could bring a shower in the morning with some clouds. then another weak disturbance comes in tuesday more afternoon showers, but at least we will be in the 50's. enjoy tomorrow. nothing but sunshine, for the afternoon, some clouds roll
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in later tomorrow night. into monday, maybe stray shower, in the morning most areas stay dry. tuesday, here is the other disturbance that could bring some showers in here, especially, during the afternoon hours. cold start to your sunday, look at that, low and mid 20's across the entire delaware valley, teens in the poconos and we struggle to get to the mid and upper 40's for highs on sunday afternoon, with the sunshine. much better, though, start to see upper 50's showing on monday. so that's average for this time of year. breezy cold overnight partly cloudy, 26 for center city, colder in the suburbs cool day sunday, mostly sunny 48 degrees. here we go extended forecast, bring in some 50's in here monday tuesday maybe afternoon insurance tuesday, wednesday, thursday, looking really nice, as far as sky conditions plenty of sun mid 50's wednesday, then low 60s on thursday. so thursday probably the best day out of the next seven. we will watch new storm come in here for friday, into saturday bringing some more rain. >> oh, boy.
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>> consistently, you know, get the warmth. >> mid april looks like warmer air pushing in. >> maybe june? thanks justin. leslie has sports highlights for us. >> flyers may not be going to the playoffs, but jake bore check has a chance to do something we've never seen here in philadelphia. plus, notre dame squaring off with unbeaten kentucky, march madness, we'll have highlights from an
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well, march madness continues, with a saturday night thriller, notre dame, taking on undefeated kentucky, with a final four birth on the line. 332nd left, will driver to the basket, gut a foul. that put andrew harrison on the line. >> here goes will hit both
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shot, notre dame gets one final chance, they get the ball to grant. he will take it all the way into the corner. >> done the stretch with ken tuck toy get the job done. unbelievable win this 168 to 66. thirty-eight wins and zero losses. >> this guy very fun to watch. >> seven footer, reverse, put them up by nine. time running out. wisconsin up by five. they'll put this one away. sam decker with the deep three to seal the deal. win, yes they're headed to the final score. the elite eight will wrap up tomorrow night with two games here on cbs-3. first up michigan state taking on loony ville at 220. then gonzaga 5:05, probably
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aware, mike's polish, but gonzaga has polish squad owe the reporters asked if they can pronounce and spell each other's names. >> could you do me a favor and try to spell shinik -- >> you know, polish people don't have to do. that will boy say codnof ski ask him how he really mow nouns cents it ask him to pronounce my name. >> like krzywski? >> pretty close. >> well, last night the sixers paid tribute to herb magee legendary philadelphia basketball coach recently reached 1,000 career wins, nice moment there sixers locals to the clippers 119 to 98. but new orleans noel had career night, 14 rebounds, two assists, two steels. might be looking at another rookie of the year here if
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philadelphia. good news. >> the flyers again the weekend nine points out of the playoffs bar a minor miracle they are probably not going to the post-season but we are paying close attention to vick bore check battling to finish the season as the nhl points leader. san jose sharks, down one jake voracek and grossman, puts in the rebounds. and that is good enough to earn assist for voracek. game tied up to the third period we go, the flyers on the power play. michael to voracek, claude giroux, lights the lamp, voracek got another assist on that play. flyers come back to tie the game at two. okay, we go to shoot-out. we know this has been a problem for the flyers. lost that game three to two. but voracek is keeping pace with sydney crosby in the race for the art ross trophy. >> i think jake's, he is a very competitive guy.
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his priority is to win hockey games first and for most. and, you know, he has to produce for us, and he has all year. he's going to continue to try to do that. >> he's having unbelievable season. >> oh, yes. >> all right, leslie, thanks so much. we're back in
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>> from season is leer, and today high school girls were treated to a personal hopper to find the absolute perfect ensemble, which is most important. "eyewitness news" at the
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sixth annual promise boutique prom fair at camden county college. junior and senior girls received new or gently used gown accessories, and new make up items for $25 or less. the event is put on by the non-profit organization, the mvp foundation.
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